Scandinavian Photo Alliance
The core of the new alliance is the former Scanpix group:
Sweden : TT News Agency
Denmark : Scanpix Denmark
Norway : NTB scanpix
Baltics : Scanpix Baltics

TT News Agency is the national wire service
in Sweden with a history dating back to
the 1920’s. TT News Agency delivers text,
images, video, graphics and finished pages to
Sweden’s media outlets, companies and public
authorities. TT News Agency is ranked as one
of Europe’s most profitable news agencies.
The group’s turnover is appr. € 50 million.
The number of employees is, as of 2013, 360
people. TT News Agency is privately owned by
the largest Swedish media houses.

Scanpix Baltics offers the most comprehensive news service and picture archive in Baltic region, thereby making the agency the first choice for clients in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
With offices in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, Scanpix Baltics represents several international editorial and creative image sources as well as a wide selection of local image sources as for example Postimees.

Scanpix is Denmark’s leading picture agency with
services such as newswire, archive sales and digital
asset management.

With a staff of 26 photographers and video journalists Scanpix is the largest photo journalistic agency in Denmark. On a daily basis Scanpix offers its clients the widest possible coverage of Danish and international events.

Throughout the Danish media landscape, Scanpix is
the preferred partner for editorial pictures and video.

Scanpix Denmark is part of the Danish media corpora
tion Berlingske Media.

NTB is the national news agency as well as the leading
picture agency in Norway, with a history dating back
to 1867. The news coverage includes a comprehensive
24/7 wire service with text, pictures, video and info-
graphics. Latest additions to the news service are live
video streaming and live blogging.

For corporate and public sector clients, NTB provide
services such as press releases, media monitoring and

The NTB Group employs about 185 people, with a
turnover of € 34 million in 2013. NTB is an inde-
pendent company with shareholders from the major
Norwegian media houses.